The open question

In a column for today’s New York Post, Debra Burlingame takes a look at the partisan breakdown in the congressional voting on the bill to protect John Doe defendants in cases such as that of the flying imams. Among those Democrats voting “no” on the bill was of course our own Keith Ellison, former local Nation of Islam leader and friend of Minneapolis gangbangers such as Vice Lords leader Sharif Willis. (See my Weekly Standard article “Louis Farrakhan’s First Congressman.”) Now Ellison has moved his act to an international stage. Courtesy of Nancy Pelosi, Ellison is off to the Middle East on a trip with the House Speaker in search of what the New York Sun dubs “A separate peace” (question mark deleted).
The Sun makes an obvious point that has escaped observers in the mainstream media: “When America was serious about war such a trip would have been seen as a scandal.” The Sun adds: “Ms. Pelosi will be fortunate if she, unlike the royal marines, is allowed to return home to America, though it is an open question where she can do more damage, over there or over here.”
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