From Baghdad and Palm Beach

A colonel in the Army reserve writes with a report on our hometown heroes:

I had the pleasure of meeting and lunching last week with COL David Elicerio, Commander of TF 1-34, composed of 4400 National Guardsmen, of which 2600 are from Minnesota. TF 1-34 guards the many convoys that keep the Coalition functioning. This unit was also extended for an additional 4 months as part of the surge. COL Elicerio said his troops were handling the extension well, but it is hardest on the families back home.
COL Elicerio and his unit are extraordinary Americans in my view. I was humbled to hear of their daily bravery, most of which occurs in groups of five or six vehicles – gun trucks – led generally by a Staff Sergeant, that escort the convoys along the dangerous roads of Iraq. Their bravery, their dedication, and their accomplishments merit public attention and public accolades.

Bill Bennett Morning in America producer Seth Leibsohn also forwards a message from Michelle Hill about the messages we have posted from Gunnery Sergeant Steve Krueger:

Thank you so much for posting my brother’s letter and forwarding it on to Power Line. It means a lot to me when people read what my brother thinks. For three years now I have listened to every side, the right and the left, but what matters to me most is my brother and the service men and women who are over there giving up so much and never saying a word about it. So again I say thank you for what you are doing for the troops and for my family. I unfortunately didn’t get to hear you talk about the letter or my brother, but I am sure you did right by him. Thank you from a sister of a marine and a wife of a former marine.
Semper Fi
Michelle Hill
West Palm Beach, FL

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