Bob McNaney, problem reporter: Minnesota Lawyer takes note

I wrote about the KSTP Eyewitness News hatchet job on Minnesota United States Attorney Rachel Paulose in “Bob McNaney, problem reporter: A case study” and “Bob McNaney, problem reporter: A footnote.” This week’s Minnesota Lawyer carries an excellent column by editor-in-chief Mark Cohen on the KSTP Eyewitness News report. Minnesota Lawyer has posted the column on its Minnesota Lawyer Blog. The column is “Making a federal case over a $225 ‘coronation.'”
Cohen reports on the internal inconsistencies and deceptive journalism in the KSTP report. Cohen took the time to watch the entire interview with Rachel that KSTP posted on its site. Having dealt with the office of the United States Attorney and watched the video himself, Cohen capably draws the inferences regarding McNaney’s deceit. It is a first-rate piece piece of reporting. Cohen writes:

Due to the large number of guests to be accommodated, Paulose had been on the lookout for a larger-than-usual venue for the investiture, and jumped at the University of St. Thomas Law School


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