Morning in America at three

This morning Bill Bennett’s terrific Morning in America radio program celebrates its third anniversary. Congratulations are in order, and I’ll be joining Bill on the last segment of the show this morning to extend ours. Along with our friend Hugh Hewitt, Bill runs one of the most educational, good-humored and uplifting programs in the wild world of talk radio. Who’d have thought a J.D./Ph.D. (philosophy) could prosper in the medium while talking up to his audience and featuring such beacons of civilization as Yale’s Professor David Gelernter and columnist-to-the-world Mark Steyn?
Were Bill a man of the left, it’s a story that would be celebrated in the MSM in a manner akin to the media orgy that greeted the debut of Air America. The success of Bill’s show defies the MSM caricature of conservative talk radio and therefore gets the silent treatment. We have particularly enjoyed our occasional collaborations with Bill, such as the deliberations over the best parody song on the classified papers Sandy Berger stuffed down his pants and subsequently destroyed. To borrow John’s formulation in the post immediately below: Well done, Bill.
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