The Huffing Post, Part Two

The silly Washington Post story about the six “absentee” U.S. attorneys (discussed in the post below) also contains an amusing tidbit about David Igelesias, the New Mexico U.S. attorney removed by the Bush administration. It seems that Iglesias has filed “a complaint with federal investigators” claiming that his dismissal “amounted to discrimination due to his status as an officer in the Navy Reserve.” Apparently, this obligation took him away from the job for 40 to 45 days per year.
Iglesias would seem to have the predicate for a discrimination claim only if the absenteeism resulting from his military commitment was the reason for his discharge. But hasn’t Iglesias been telling anyone who will listen that he was fired because Senator Domenici and Rep. Wilson improperly and unfairly complained to the administration that he wasn’t bringing enough voter fraud cases?
In any case, it’s pretty pathetic when a removed presidential employee brings a discrimination claim. What’s next, an age discrimination suit by Donald Rumsfeld?
Whatever the reason for the firing of Iglesias, I’m becoming glad the administration got rid of him.
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