Joe Sestak talks big on the Big Talker

Big talking Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak appeared last night on Dom Giordano’s show on Philadelphia’s AM 1210 Big Talker radio station. Sestak expounded on his speech at the CAIR fundraiser in which he explained Islam to the assmebled Muslims before him. It’s high comedy, until caller Brian joins the festivities to ask Sestak three times if he had received money from CAIR or attended a fundraiser at the home of local CAIR chairman Iftekhar Hussain. Sestak denied that he had. According to Iftekhar, however, “Joe Sestak was in my house for a fundraiser, for him.” Whom do you trust?
On this narrow point, Pamela Geller goes with Iftekhar and wonders why Sestak dissembles about it. At Atlas Shrugs Pamela has posted the audio of Sestak on the Big Talker as well as Iftekhar talking about the big talker: “CAIR’s Congressman caught lying.”
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