The theatre of dreams

Norm Geras, Salena Zito, and the every other Manchester United fan around the world must be thrilled this morning following their team’s stunning 7-1 victory over Roma in yesterday’s Champion’s League quarterfinal. Man U overcame a 2-1 loss in Rome to advance to the semifinals 8-3 on aggregate. Manchester United’s park, Old Trafford, may be “the theatre of dreams,” but I’m certain no one dreamed of 7-1.
Man U is still alive to win the big triple — European champs, English champs, and FA Cup winners — as it did in 1999. However, with all the matches involved and some major injury concerns, that particular dream is a longshot.
Chelsea also moved to the semis yesterday, and Liverpool, having won 3-0 away, is almost certain to join them today. More than 20 years after rioting Liverpool fans nearly destroyed English football by causing English clubs to be banned from European competitions, England can finally claim to be back on top in terms of club soccer.


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