Fred Thompson health update

Fred Thompson is on with Sean Hannity right now. He’s discussing his lymphoma. It is not among the severe kinds. His doctors tell him it’s better to have what he has than to have diabetes.
Thompson received the diagnosis two and half years ago during a check-up. He says he hasn’t been sick a day since. He would not have known of the illness but for the check-up.
Thompson says the cancer is in remission. Should that change, there are drugs that can throw it back into remission.
Thompson praises our medical system. He observes that the treatment he has received confirms his preference for our system over socialized medicine.
UPDATE: Thompson just made favorable mention of several blogs, including Power Line. He says he’s reading PL and others (Red State, Captain’s Quarters, and Instapundit — apologies if I missed anyone) as he considers whether to run for president. Hannity told him not to read blogs because “sooner or later you will be attacked.” What blogs has Hannity been reading?
FURTHER UPDATE: Thompson’s appearance with Hannity is over now. He went on to say that his announcement about his medical issue is part of the process of deciding whether to run for president. He doesn’t think it should affect any such bid, but wants to see what the reaction of others is. He also is still trying to determine whether he’s “the guy for these times.” I get the impression he thinks he probably is.
Thompson said he has a timeframe in mind for his decision. He wouldn’t share it, but gave the impression we’re talking about only weeks, not months.
Thompson criticized the Democrats for their position on Iraq. He believes it’s a mistake both on the merits and politically. He asked, rhetorically, how we can deprive ourselves of a chance to succeed in Iraq when we know what the consequences of failure would be.
Thompson’s reaction to Nancy Pelosi’s diplomacy was similar — bad on the merits and bad politics. He found her trip to Syria an embarrassment, but noted that Pelosi seems “difficult to embarrass.”
It’s no scoop, but I’ll say it anyway: Thompson is an excellent communicator.
JOHN adds: I’m not sure what blogs Hannity has actually been reading, if any, but his page on the Fox News site includes a link to Power Line–or did until they revamped the site, anyway.


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