Arms and the man we sing

Over at Power Line News we’ve had a changing of the Blog of the Week or month or season, as the case may be. We say goodbye and thanks to superb Blog of the Spring Jules Crittenden and welcome The New Criterion blog Armavirumque. The New Criterion is a monthly cultural review curently celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary year. TNC editor Roger Kimball, managing editor James Panero, and associates post at Armavirumque. This morning Roger reports on John O’Sullivan’s talk last night on his new book at a meeting of the Friends of TNC. “Armavirumque” is of course the opening of Vergil’s Aeneid in which Vergil announces the theme of the poem — “Arms and the man.” It evokes the spirit that TNC and Armavirumque bring to their discussion of cultural issues.


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