A word from Major E.

Our friend Major E. writes:

Hello Power Line Readers:
Here is a chance to help the troops by helping to contact those serving in ground-owning units in Iraq. If we can get them goods for locals, it will help them build influence and finish the mission.
A key part of “The Troops Need You, America” plan is to help troops in Iraq build influence with Iraqi locals by giving the troops goods to distribute, like generators and appliances to improve quality of life and tool sets to create jobs. Selection of goods could also be tailored to projects in the specific battalion (BN) area of operations, such as school or medical supplies for a new school or hospital. Will use internet gift registries (i.e. WalMart.com) to make it happen.
I already have $1200 in donations and literally hundreds of people lined up waiting to contribute, so I need a few BN’s to support the concept and give me mailing addresses. I will set up the registries and each BN can tailor it as needed, and they can start receiving goods right away.
Also, this is cleared by military lawyers, who said it is fine so long as the BN doesn’t use it to procure anything prohibited by Multi-National Corps-Iraq (generals in Baghadad).
Please encourage readers to share this with deployed troops, especially with the battalions who could use the shipped goods for effect with locals. Any BN should contact me directly, ASAP, at [email protected]
Eric Egland
Served in Iraq, Afghanistan
“The Troops Need You, America”
[email protected]


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