Today’s Lesson in Media Bias

A lot of people have been asking Barack Obama, who denounced Don Imus for his reference to “nappy headed hos,” why he has been silent on the far worse outrages perpetrated by rap and hip-hop performers. Obama finally decided that he needed to answer the question; the Associated Press reports:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday questioned the way some rappers talk about women in songs, saying the lyrics are similar to the derogatory language used by embattled radio host Don Imus.
They are “degrading their sisters. That doesn’t inspire me,” Obama said of some hip-hop artists when a man in a crowd of about 1,000 questioned him.

Later, Obama gave an interview to the AP:

He said as a parent it was a constant struggle to reinforce his two daughters’ sense of self-esteem.
“I think that all of us have become a little complicit in this kind of relaxed attitude toward some pretty offensive things,” Obama said. “And I hope this prompts some self-reflection on the part of all of us.”

But wait! It simply isn’t true that “all of us” have been complicit in the coarsening of the culture; a great many people, almost all on the right, have long been critical of the antisocial content of much rap “music.” It’s Obama who has been complicit, having hip-hoppers appear at his rallies, and treating them as legitimate public figures. Here he is with Ludacris, at a condom-promotion event in Chicago:
To see Ludacris waxing eloquent on the subject of “hos,” go here.
So the AP lets Obama skate; no questioning of his claim that “all of us” are complicit, no reference to his hip-hop history.
Next the AP reporter, Jim Davenport, moves on to Mike Huckabee:

In Iowa, Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee said Imus’ departure could result in exits for other talk show hosts, such as Rosie O’Donnell and Bill Maher.
The former Arkansas governor and frequent Imus guest said Imus’ comments were inexcusable and wrong, but other celebrities have also made offensive comments.
“Well, that was a decision the networks had to make,” Huckabee told Radio Iowa. “I think if Imus is going to get fired, then there’s a lot of other people that need to go out the door. Rosie’s probably got to go. Bill Maher has to go. Gosh, half of talk radio and television has to go.”
Huckabee has appeared on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” to promote his candidacy.

Got that? Huckabee is a hypocrite; he criticizes Imus and Maher, but has been a “frequent Imus guest,” and appeared on Maher’s show “to promote his candidacy.” The AP knows how to Google candidates’ names and insert facts to undercut what they say. But they use that ability selectively. Here, they go out of their way to make Huckabee look like a hypocrite, but, as usual, let Obama off the hook, and quote his patently silly self-exculpation without comment.
It’s just another day in the mainstream media’s campaign to put a Democrat in the White House.
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