Bill Otis unbound

My very good friend Bill Otis is now blogging for the The American Civil Rights Union (ACRU). As its name suggests, the ACRU is dedicated to protecting our civil rights and liberties as Americans, with a focus on certain rights that have not fared that well recently: property rights, the right to religious freedom, the right to bear and keep arms, and the right to equal protection under the law. The ACRU’s policy board includes Ed Meese, Robert Bork, Kenneth Starr, and James Q. Wilson, among other luminaries.
Bill has contributed astute commentary to Power Line from time to time over the years, but has been constrained by his position as a high-ranking government lawyer. Now that he’s no longer bound by that constraint, we can expect fireworks.
Nor will the fun be confined to his blog. For example, here’s Bill’s piece in Thursday’s Washington Times about the non-scandal over the eight fired U.S. Attorneys. Having once worked for about a decade in a U.S. Attorney’s office, Bill will be able to contribute much needed perspective to this story, as he does in the Times piece.


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