Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie

What’s going to slow the global warming bandwagon more than anything else is the “solutions” that advocates will increasingly have to put forward and explain. Two things will eventually become obvious: one, to have any significant impact on the “problem,” based on the advocates’ computer models, remedies will have to be so drastic as to be economically ruinous; and two, because every single thing human beings do involves carbon, global warming (or cooling) can be used to justify every cockeyed proposal imaginable.
A case in point:

An Australian scientist called Wednesday for an end to the age-old tradition of cremation, saying the practice contributed to global warming.
Professor Roger Short said people could instead choose to help the environment after death by being buried in a cardboard box under a tree. The decomposing bodies would provide the tree with nutrients, and the tree would convert carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen for decades, he said.

I think it was William Buckley who said that a liberal is a person who, when you’re taking a shower, wants to reach in and adjust the temperature for you. Historically, though, one thing you could say for liberals was that their desire to run your life at least expired with your demise. No longer, apparently.
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