Media lies: Can Eric Boehlert tell the truth?

In the post below, John Hinderaker eviscerates the heart of Eric Boehlert’s Media Matters post “Can conservative bloggers tell the truth?” Boehlert sets up his one big lie — the one deconstructed at length by John below — with a barrage of little lies. To take just one example, Boehlert writes that “Power Line played a starring role in advancing the Terri Schiavo talking points memo hoax during the spring of 2005.”
We did indeed refuse to take at face value the erroneous reporting by the Washington Post and other media outlets that the “Schiavo memo” was, as reported, a GOP talking points memo distributed to Republican senators on March 17, and we were right. John Hinderaker wrote a retrospective on the story and our role in exposing the fundamental falsity of the Schiavo memo story — explaining what we got right and what we got wrong — in “It wasn’t fake.” Boehlert’s description of our role in the story is itself a hoax.
Boehlert is to media criticism what Lillian Hellman was to literature. To paraphrase Mary McCarthy, every word he writes is a lie, including “and” and “the.”


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