Drawl down the memory hole

In “A bridge too far” I took a look at Hillary Clinton serving up some plastic Dixie chicken for her audience in Selma last month as she recited the words of a James Cleveland gospel song (video above). This week Senator Clinton and other Democatic candidates paid homage to Al Sharpton, one of the the most vile men in American public life. Yesterday Michelle Malkin posted a YouTube video that included an audio clip of Hillary Clinton doing her “made-for-black-audiences accent” for Sharpton’s audience. Michelle posted the video in “Hillary’s Southern accent comes back!” In an update today Michelle reports that the video has been removed. You can still catch a bit of Hillary’s shtick in the video of the News 10 Now report posted here. Watch it while you can!

UPDATE: The video above has the audio to which I was referring. Appalling.
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