Dream palace of the goo-goos revisited

President Bush did a very bad thing when he signed off on the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (the McCain-Feingold bill). I took a whack at explaining how it strikes at the core of our freedoms in the Standard column “Dream palace of the goo-goos.” While I was working on the column, attorney and former Federal Election Commission staffer Allison Hayward guided me through the intricacies of campaign finance regulation to help me make sure I would not make an ignorant mistake in trying to write about a subject that has become a field for specialists. Over at Skeptic’s Eye Allison discusses the oral argument in the Wisconsin Right to Life case in the Supreme Court today. Over at NRO Andrew McCarthy makes me mad all over again at President Bush’s failure to do the right thing and veto BCRA. Andy emphasizes a point that is implicit in Allison’s report: the Bush administration (in the person of Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty) is urging the Supreme Court to validate the most revoltingly unconstitutional provision of BCRA.
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