Looking for Volunteers…

…to live-blog tonight’s Democratic Presidential debate, for those who aren’t able to watch, or can’t stand to watch, or just want to know what others make of it. Anyone can start a thread in the Election 2008 Forum, and once the thread is up, anyone else can join in. It should be interesting, and, like any event that includes Dennis Kucinich, it could be entertaining as well. The event starts at 7:00 eastern time. It will be broadcast on CSpan; I’m not sure what other coverage there will be.
UPDATE: MSNBC will have the main broadcast of the event. I think Keith Olbermann will do the color commentary, so you may need to turn the volume off. No, wait…
FURTHER UPDATE: The live-blogging thread is here.
FINALE: I just got home; the “debate” is over, and there was a lively conversation going on at the Forum. Here is how Curtiss scored it:

The best-most-biggest-or-least list:
Best Looking: Obama
Most Shrill: Hillary, of course.
Biggest Ears: Kucinich.
Shortest Answer: Biden with his


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