Paulose v. Swanson: Minnesota Lawyer moves the story

Mark Cohen is the editor of the weekly Minnesota Lawyer, where he also publishes a weekly column. His two columns on United States Attorney Rachel Paulose — here (April 2) and here (April 16) — have provided perhaps the only intelligent media coverage of my friend Rachel, who has recently been the subject of a hatchet job or three.
For some reason, until last week the story of the exodus of lawyers from the office of newly elected Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson has gotten a pass. Like Paulose, Swanson is young and female. Unlike Paulose, Swanson is a liberal Democrat. One can hypothesize that this distinction may have something to do with the local media’s difficulty in picking up on the Swanson story.
The new Minnesota Lawyer Blog has played a key role in moving coverage of the Swanson story. Minnesota Lawyer editor Mark Cohen began with his post “A double standard?” The post was itself cited in the St. Paul Pioneer Press last week in its account of the turmoil roiling the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General under Swanson. Since its initial post on the subject the Minnesota Lawyer blog has been on a roll with additional posts and comments. Please check it out if you have any interest in this story or can contribute information that bears on the subject.
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