McCain to Propose a “League of Democracies”

In a speech tomorrow at the Hoover Institution, John McCain will propose a new “league of democracies” to supplement the United Nations:

“It could act where the U.N. fails to act,” McCain says.
Such a new body, he says, could help relieve suffering in Darfur, fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa, develop better environmental policies, and provide “unimpeded market access” to countries sharing “the values of economic and political freedom.”
And, McCain adds, an organization of democracies could pressure tyrants “with or without Moscow’s and Beijing’s approval” and could “impose sanctions on Iran and thwart its nuclear ambitions” while helping struggling democracies succeed.

If you put aside the inevitable Bush-bashing of the AP’s account, it’s a good idea. A league of democracies could render the U.N. more or less obsolete if it proves able to act effectively. Standards for admission, of course, would be a key issue.
Via Power Line News.
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