Leaning to the Right

At National Review Online, Jennifer Rubin has a nice profile of Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, which includes a couple of quotes from me.
Coleman is hard to pigeon-hole. His voting record is often described as centrist, and by the standards of today’s Senate, that’s probably not unfair. Coleman is a conservative, but a pragmatic one whose orientation always is to seek solutions to problems. He is a former Democrat, and his formative political experience was as Mayor of St. Paul. As a result, he is not as instinctively allergic to government solutions as many on the right. But at his core, he is conservative: pro-growth, pro-free enterprise, pro-national security, pro-life.
Norm will be running for re-election in November 2008 against either former comedian Al Franken or former trial lawyer Mike Ciresi. Conservatives won’t have any trouble figuring out whom to back in that race.
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