Whatever happened to Huckleberry Finn?

I have no problem with Governor Romney’s religion. I do have a serious problem with his “favorite novel” — L. Ron Hubbard’s Battleship Earth. Say it ain’t so, Mitt. Whatever happened to Huckleberry Finn?
Perhaps it’s time to bring on Zell Miller — my favorite Democrat — as a consultant. Please. Governor Miller had read enough books to list ten favorites on his Senate Web site. They were sustantial books too, books such as A Stillness at Appomattox and Lonesome Dove.
JOHN adds: Your wish is my command. I noted here that Romney had set up a Facebook page, which you can see here if you’re registered. I was pretty sure the Facebook profile included Romney’s favorite books; sure enough, here is a screen shot:
Note what is at the top of the list: Huckleberry Finn! Not an L. Ron Hubbard volume in sight; in fact, Huck Finn is the only fiction.
Some years ago, I read an interview with Bill Gates in which he was asked what his favorite novel was. He replied, A Separate Peace, which was a dime novel that was popular around the time Gates passed–briefly–through college. For a person who cares anything about literature, this would be an appalling choice. But the fact is that Gates doesn’t (or didn’t then, anyway) know a novel from a navel. He’d been busy becoming the richest man in the world and hadn’t had much time for light reading. Looking at Romney’s resume, I suspect the same is true of him.
SCOTT adds: My link at “Whatever happened to Huckleberry Finn?” above is to John’s original post noting, as I recalled, Governor Romney’s then-favorite novel. These things are important!
JOHN confesses: Sigh. It’s true. I was too excited to follow the link, and jumped to the conclusion that Scott was referring to our literature poll. Normally, we at least get each other’s jokes!
SCOTT confesses: It wasn’t much of a joke.


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