Introducing The Power Line Candidates’ Forum

Tomorrow morning, we will unveil the Power Line Candidates’ Forum, our contribution to the 2008 election campaign. We wanted to create a space where the Republican presidential candidates can interact with some of the most passionate and knowledgeable conservatives anywhere–and probably some liberals, too. We envisioned the Candidates’ Forum as something like a trade show, where each company has a booth and the visitor can go from one to another. We hope that the candidates will show up in person from time to time, and that news will be broken, too.
We offered the opportunity to participate in the Candidates’ Forum to the candidates whom we consider to be the most credible. You’ll see tomorrow which ones elected to participate. If more credible candidates join the race, we will extend the offer to them too.
The Candidates’ Forum will be part of the Power Line Forum. If you want to see what the candidates have to say and tell them what you think, go here to register, and check in at the Forum tomorrow morning. The candidates and their staffs have been working on their sites behind the scenes, and they’re now ready to unveil. The Candidates’ Forum will go live at 9:00 tomorrow morning (eastern time), unless Joe Malchow oversleeps.
UPDATE: If you signed up for a Forum account and have not received a confirmation e-mail, your account may have been automatically confirmed. Try logging in with the username and password you chose during registration.


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