A word from Governor Pawlenty on Senator McCain

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is the co-chair of Senator McCain’s presidential campaign. Over at our Candidates’ Forum early this morning Governor Pawlenty posted a statement detailing the rationale for his support of Senator McCain. Governor Pawlenty is a bona fide conservative of great political skills who has gotten to know Senator McCain well. I therefore accord his views serious consideration. He writes:

The 2008 Presidential election presents the Republican Party with a new opportunity to chart its future. For the first time in decades, a sitting president or vice president will not be a candidate to lead our country.
How will Republicans respond to this challenge? Hopefully, by selecting a strong, tested national leader of uncommon courage.
History has shown that Americans elect their president based on the times and the challenges confronting our nation. America is being tested in momentous ways, both domestically and internationally.
The times are calling out one of the finest public leaders in the modern history of our country


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