The Fort Dix Six

Six Islamic militants have been arrested and charged with plotting an attack on New Jersey’s Fort Dix. All are immigrants; four are from the former Yugoslavia and one each came from Turkey and Jordan. Three were described as illegal immigrants.
This is another instance where law enforcement was on to the group from an early stage, and the plotters were arrested before their plans had gotten very far. In January 2006, a shopkeeper told the FBI that one of the men had asked him to burn a DVD of a “disturbing” video that showed, among other things, the group taking target practice while yelling “Allah Akbar.” By March 2006, the FBI had already infiltrated the group with an informer. When the militants tried to buy automatic weapons, the seller was the FBI.
Critics of the administration will say that this as another case where those arrested were only goofballs who never came close to hatching a dangerous plot. In fact, the administration’s policy is to break up such would-be terrorist cells at an early stage. It’s true that this group didn’t get far enough to be very dangerous; that fact is a testament to the alert video guy who tipped off the authorities and to the excellent work done by the FBI.
Via Power Line News.
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