Doing that wudu at SuperAmerica

“No bathing in restroom” is a sign that we have not seen in the Twin Cities until recently. According to the post at the link above, the photo shows the door of the men’s bathroom at the SuperAmerica gas station/convenience store at the corner of Highway 494 and Post Road. The station is next door to the Post Road Holding Area where the taxi drivers serve the Minnneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Most of the taxi drivers are Somali Muslims who last made news refusing to transport passengers carrying alcohol. (Thanks to Douglas Bass.)
UPDATE: I stopped at the SuperAmerica station on the way to work this morning to verify this report. I also spoke with the SuperAmerica employee who cleans the restrooms. Not only is the sign up as reflected in the photo, but the problem the sign seeks to prevent continues to plague the men’s restroom.
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