This May in wartime

Following on today’s excellent New York Sun editorial on congressional cowardice, the Weekly Standard has posted Bill Kristol’s editorial “Nothing to fear but polls themseles?”
It’s not just Congress that is undermining the war effort. Diana West’s extraordinarily troubling column today explores the political correctness that is rife in the military bureaucracy as well. It is a subject that Kyndra Rotunda also explored in her mind-boggling April 18 Wall Street Journal column “Hollywood interrogates Al Qaeda.”
UPDATE: Equal time for one who knows Major General Bargewell, the immediate object of Diana West’s criticism in the column:

As a former Special Forces officer who served under Major General Bargewell, I was very surprised to see him described in the same article as the phrase “politically correct.” General Bargewell, to whom Ms. West refers incorrectly as “Major Bargewell,” is a warrior and straight-shooter of the first water. He’s not one of the perfumed princes, and he’ll call things as he sees them. While I don’t disagree that the military may be a bit skittish about things these days, I do disagree strongly with the idea that Bargewell’s investigation was anything but an accurate reflection of what he found.
For a better idea of the man Ms. West saw fit to criticize for political correctness, I commend you to Google. The man is a Distinguished Service Cross wearer with service in MACV-SOG, the 75th Rangers, and Delta Force. Not the sort usually associated with political correctness or anything but the unvarnished truth.
Keep up the good work.
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