A message to the Republican contenders

David Frum offers advice to each of the three Republican frontrunners. His premise is that “each Republican candidate has a powerful national message available to him. They just are not using it.” Accordingly he suggests the following:
Mitt Romney should take advantage of the fact that 90 percent of Americans think our health care system needs radical reform and two-thirds favor universal health care coverage. Therefore, Romney should emphasize the fact that as governor of Massachusetts he introduced universal private-sector health care without a tax increase. He should make universal private-sector health care his great national cause. “Quit running as the social conservative you manifestly are not,” says Frum, “and run as the superb manager and problem-solver you have proven yourself to be.”
John McCain should also run as a good government reformer, as he did in 2000. Frum urges him to continue vigorously to attack the “sluggish and inept US national security bureaucracy and the poor planning for the Iraq war,” and extend the critique to such matters as the “unpreparedness of US disaster agencies” and President Bush’s “poor personnel choices” generally.
Rudy Giuliani should run as the man who overcame the feeling of hopelessness in New York, and therefore as the man who can do the same for America today. He should counter criticism that he’s too abrasive by pointing out that this is what it takes “to defend the free world from the planet


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