A note from the Brownback campaign

We have heard directly from the Brownback campaign in response to my post “To the DNC: Sue us.” The Brownback campaign writes:

Just to be clear, the call between Sebelius and Brownback never happened. I don’t know what the source here is, but the existence of the phone call has been fabricated out of thin air.

I don’t know what the source here is either and I take the denials of the DNC and the Brownback campaign at face value. My point is not an endorsement of the truth of the statements made by Jim Quinn that were related on Free Republic. If Jim Quinn made up the story, that is reprehsensible.
My point is that the DNC letter threatening Free Republic with a defamation lawsuit on behalf of the Democratic National Committee is an act of thuggery, akin to the threats that faced Sinclair broadcasting at the end of the 2004 campaign. The DNC’s threat against Free Republic is not well grounded under the First Amendment and the DNC’s warm-up for the 2008 campaign should be stuffed now.


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