Tehran calling

Drudge has flagged today’s disturbing New York Times story on Iran’s progress in uranium enrichment. Over at Contentions, Gabriel Schoenfeld asks whether Israel possesses the military means to attack the Iranian facility on its own. Is a successful strike on the key Iranian facilities technically feasible? Schoenfeld’s post is “Striking Iran: Cakewalk or Slam Dunk?”
UPDATE: A reader comments:

The linked article mentions a technique referred to as burrowing, using multiple bombs on the same spot literally to burrow down to the target. You may recall that Irael did thisl when they hit a very large and very deep Hamas bunker in Beirut. That attack with 23 tons of bombs failed as my quick search revealed. They have since orderd bunker busters like we used in Iraq in GWI and latter in Afghanistan and Iraq for GWII.
The author refers to the use of laser guided bombs for this purpose. Those would not work because once the first one detonates the laser would be obscurred by dust and debris. GPS guided bombs are what would be used.


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