Republican “hypocrites” refuse to live down to E.J. Dionne’s expectations

It’s difficult for Republicans to please their critics. When talk first arose that Rudy Giuliani might seek the Republican presidential nomination, the prevailing wisdom was that he was sure to fail. How could the “theocratic” Republican party ever nominate a pro-life, non-socially conservative candidate for the country’s highest office?
But with Giuliani having emerged as the Republican frontrunner, it’s time for a mid-course correction. Now, E.J. Dionne informs us, the problem with the Republicans is not fanaticism, but hypocrisy. If pro-life socially conservative Republicans “don’t oppose Giuliani during the primaries with the same passion they summoned against [John] Kerry,” it will be clear that they didn’t really care about the issue, and were just looking at “an excuse to vote Republican.” Gee, I didn’t know you had to have an excuse.
Republicans for whom abortion is a paramount issue surely will oppose Giuliani during the primary season. But the notion that they must equate him with John Kerry during this or any season is laughable. Those who doubt this should consult Ed Morrissey.


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