Duke storms into final four

The Duke lacrosse team defeated North Carolina 19-11 to advance to the final four of the NCAA tournament. Carolina jumped to an early 6-1 lead, but from that point on Duke outscored the Tar Heels 18-5. Last week, Duke defeated Providence 18-3, so it’s becoming clear how dominant this team can be when it’s clicking.
Next up is Cornell, a team that finished the season unbeaten, defeated Duke in Durham, yet somehow received only a fourth seed in this tournament. Cornell got by Albany with a 12-11 overtime victory in its quarterfinal match.
We’ll preview the Duke-Cornell clash later this week. For now, I’ll let ESPN’s lacrosse blogger put things in perspective:

Put yourself in the shoes of a Duke lacrosse player right now. For a year, they were absolutely blasted in the media, about as low as they could get emotionally. Now they


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