New day yesterday

City Journal is the outstanding quarterly magazine published by the Manhattan Institute. The estimable Brian Anderson has just taken the reins of the magazine from Myron Magnet. Last week the New York Sun published a delightful profile of Brian, reporting that he wrote his Ph.D. on the political thought of Raymond Aron (he turned the dissertation into his first book) and that his knowledge extends to the catalogue of Jethro Tull, although “his musical tastes have matured.”
However, I don’t think Brian has outgrown popular culture. His book South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias shows more than a passing familiarity with it; it celebrates sizable chunks of it. City Journal itself has regularly featured Stefan Kanfer’s brilliant essays on popular culture. The Spring issue is no exception. Kanfer’s “Love and glory in East Aurory” recalls the life and work of Elbert Hubbard, “an American original.”
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