What’s past is prologue

Hillary Clinton made news today without doing much more than following Barack Obama’s vote against the Iraq war funding bill yesterday. Kenneth Bazinet of the New York Daily News provides the oddest angle on Ms. Hillary’s vote.
In other news, Senator Clinton apparently did not read the classified version of the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate before casting her vote on the war, raising the question who did.
The Washington Post takes a look at two new biographies of Ms. Hillary. They must be worth reading if the Clinton team is characterizing the books as “cash for rehash,” bringing back those golden memories of scandal management during Bill Clinton’s second term.
The Post article on the books suggests how the lack of a single conscience between either Bill or Hillary has made the two of them such a formidable team. Tim Graham’s commentary on the Post article focuses on the Post’s characterization of Clintonian bimbo eruption control:

This story of forcing falsehoods into the public arena is apparently what the Post reporters call “occasionally skirting along the edge of the truth.”

No pun intended, I guess.
UPDATE: Ben Smith also detects evidence of Clintonian scandal management techniques in the Post story on the new books here.
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