Not news, news

I learn from reading Little Green Footballs that the Muslim American Society is holdiing its fourth annual MAS Minnesota convention in Minneapolis this weekend and that Minnesota Fifth District Rep. (who is) Keith Ellison is the featured speaker of the MAS conference. The Star Tribune hasn’t gotten around to covering (or should I say celebrating) the conference yet. As we noted in “A fatwa made in Minnesota,” the Star Tribune’s own Katherine Kersten has reported that the MAS is a well known front group for the Muslim Brotherhood that has been at the center of the airport taxi controversy.
So the Star Tribune appears not to have gotten around to covering news of the MAS Minnesota jamboree yet. However, Little Green Footballs highlights the Star Tribune in its mainstream media screw-up of the day on the news it does report. What’s the “news” according to the Star Tribune? Charles writes:

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is currently running a story on their World News page with the shocking news that Israeli commandos have attacked the Lebanese city of Tyre….One problem, though. The Star Tribune


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