The Excitement Mounts

We’re only 48 hours away from the Miss Universe finale. The betting odds haven’t changed much over the last week. Miss Venezuela continues to be the favorite, with Miss Brazil in second place. I posted their photos, along with some others, here and here.
I’m skeptical about some of the other contestants who are among the favorites. There are several others who strike me as stronger contenders. Miss Japan, for example:

Or Miss Angola:

Miss Paraguay has been drawing some attention, partly because of her lead karaoke role in this video.
I’m not sure whether singing is her talent or not.
You learn something new every day when you delve into the popular culture. From the betting site linked above, we learn who this year’s judges will be:

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, rock guitarist Dave Navarro, figure skater Michelle Kwan and Deal or No Deal briefcase model Lindsay Clubine.

I know who Tony Romo and Michelle Kwan are, and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of Dave Navarro. But what on earth is a “Deal or No Deal briefcase model?” Maybe I’ll find out Monday night.
UPDATE: At the Forum, a reader explains, via YouTube, the concept of a briefcase model. I guess. I’m still not entirely sure I get it. In any event, to comment, or if you too are in the dark about why a “briefcase model” is judging the Miss Universe competition, go here.
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