Democracy and disgust, part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the Iraqi/American meeting with Iran over the weekend. I wrote before learning of the subsequent Iranian detention of three American citizens on espionage charges. According to the New York Post, the State Department blasted the charges as “absurd.” But has it remembered to say “please” in asking for the release of our fellow citizens? And does it think it’s time to go back to the table for more talks with Iran? (The Post also runs a good editorial on the subject.)
I’ve previously written (here and here) and at NRO about Mark Bowden’s Guests of the Ayatollah (the history of the 1979-81 hostage crisis) and Bowden’s account of the behavior of hostage Michael Metrinko. At Contentions, Max Boot takes a timely look at Bowden’s book and is also struck by Metrinko’s remarkable example.
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