Air Marshal Says Flight 327 Was A Dry Run

In 2004, we reported on the odd goings-on aboard Northwest Flight 327 from Detroit to Los Angeles. We followed up last weekend, when Flight 327 was in the news again, as a result of the release of portions of a report on the flight by the Homeland Security department.
The segments of the report that were made public were not conclusive as to what was going on. For more information, Patterico contacted P. Jeffrey Black, a current federal air marshal who was quoted in a Washington Times story on the Homeland Security report. Patterico asked Black point-blank whether he thought Flight 327 was a dry run. He got a straight answer, and much more:

Do I personally believe flight 327 was a terrorist probe or dry run?
In my opinion, and based upon my experience flying hundreds of missions since 9/11, my answer is, yes it was. Do I know 100% for sure? No, of course not. Short of obtaining signed confessions from all 13 Syrian


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