Will America’s Mayor Be America’s President?

One of Rudy Giuliani’s strong points is his record as Mayor of New York City. George Will has called it the most successful example of conservative governance in 20th century America–extraordinarily high praise. At the Candidates’ Forum, the Giuliani campaign has posted a new thread called D.C. Should Be Accountable. Giuliani says he can make Washington accountable to the voters as he did New York, and that the key to accountability is better information. He would gather, for example, better data on what is happening at our borders in order to more effectively control immigration.
What do you think? Does Giuliani make a persuasive case that his executive experience as Mayor of New York–one of the toughest political jobs in the world–gives him an edge in the Presidential race? Go here to read what Rudy has to say and post your reaction.


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