For girls only: The Muslim prom

In “A prom of their own,” today’s St. Paul Pioneer Press celebrates the “girls only” Muslim prom held last night at the University of Minnesota. The Pioneer Press reports:

The event was called PROM, an acronym which stands for Party foR Only Muslimahs, or Muslim girls, and was held in accordance with Islamic culture and values. Many Muslim girls don’t go to their high school prom for cultural reasons: They aren’t allowed to dance with the opposite sex, and prom dresses can be too revealing for some Muslim girls to wear in public. As an alternative, the event, held at the University of Minnesota’s Coffman Memorial Union, allowed participants to dance, wear what they wanted and not feel like they missed out on a staple of the high school experience.

Whither the Muslim boys? And where is a reporter’s natural curiosity when you need it?
The Pioneer Press caption on the photo by Jean Pieri reads:

Farha Bachani, left, puts lip gloss on her cousin Saima Bachani on Saturday at the University of Minnesota’s Coffman Memorial Union before a prom for young Muslim women. The event allowed Muslim girls, who aren’t allowed to dance with boys or wear revealing dresses, to enjoy a teen rite of passage.

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