Fred on the stump

Fred Thompson’s stump speech, delivered in Richmond, Virginia, gets a pretty good review from the Washington Post. And a journalist who was there tells Glenn Reynolds that Thompson’s speech was better than the Post report indicates.
Acording to the Post, Thompson received his biggest applause for blasting the immigration reform bill, which he called unworkable. Thompson stated, “We are a nation of compassion, a nation of immigrants, but this is our home . . . and we get to decide who comes into our home.”
C-SPAN apparently will air the speech tonight at 6:30 and again at 9:30.
UPDATE: I just saw the replay, and it was an excellent speech. Thompson has a knack for stating conservative principles simply and with what seems like deep conviction. And, perhaps most importantly, he states them strongly but palatably. My wife, who is an independent, liked the speech as much as I did. She said Thompson seems like a different kind of candidate, a reaction that should be music to the ears of the Thompson camp.
To comment on Thompson’s speech, go here.


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