Podcasting the Immigration Debate

The Patriot is a great radio station, but every once in a while there are technical challenges. Like yesterday, for example. Chad the Elder and I were in the studio, and we were yammering away in our first segment when calls started coming in, saying that we were not on the air. For reasons that never became clear–to me, anyway–instead of our Northern Alliance show, the Patriot was broadcasting, alternately, news, silence, and a global warming screed. Which must have come as a shock to our listeners.
Fortunately, the ship was soon righted. Our first hour was devoted to the immigration debate in general and the Wall Street Journal–National Review feud in particular. We took calls–I forgot to mention, there was a technical problem there, too–and finished the hour with our Loon of the Week segment, a lifetime achievement award to honor Cindy Sheehan on her retirement from public life. It’s a fun hour.
You can download or just listen to the podcast here. Or, as always, you can subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes by going here.


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