A rendezvous with embarrassment

Martin Peretz previews the Harvard Club of Boston’s rendezvous tomorrow with Stephen Walt and Jimmy Carter. Peretz writes:

If you happen to have free time this Friday and you also happen to be in Boston, you can have a complete day from dawn to almost dusk discussing how awful Israel is in the world and how much worse it is for the United States.

Peretz deduces that Carter is raising money for the Carter Center:

Why should the Harvard Club front for this cash collection campaign? What else can you make of this phrase explaining what’s happening? “An exclusive event being held in honor of the Center’s closest friends and supporters.” The program’s activities are summarized as “advancing human rights and alleviating unnecessary human suffering by waging peace, fighting disease and building hope around the world.”
But Carter’s real passion and what has given him a new platform is his hatred of Israel and his apologetics for Arab extremism. I suppose that’s what he thinks will bring hope to the world. He is a national embarrassment.

Whereas Walt, who has his forthcoming book with John Mearsheimer on “the Jewish lobby” to shill, is only an embarrassment to Harvard.
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