In which Trent Lott brings his lunch for Ted Kennedy

Hugh Hewitt has posted Senator Lott’s hilarious oration in support of the immigration bill cramdown. It’s unbelievable, but you gotta believe — once you listen to the audio clip Hugh has posted with the transcript.
Senator Lott is a little lacking in self-awareness, however, when he begins a sentence, “When it comes to legislating, when you are dealing with Senator Kennedy you had better bring your lunch…,” and lets his listeners complete it for him: “…because he’s going to eat your lunch.” Instead, Senator Lott completed it for himself: “…because you are going to get educated, you are going to learn a lot, and you are going to get a result.” On the other hand, perhaps Senator Lott has blundered into the truth.
JOHN adds: So Trent Lott looks to Ted Kennedy for intellectual guidance? My God. The Senate Republicans are even more pathetic than we’d realized.
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