Failure was an option!

Mickey Kaus provides a very funny retrospective on the failure of the immigration bill last night. Kaus deconstructs the clueless or complicit media coverage on the bill. Kaus comments on a Washington Post article on the bill by Dan Balz:

Balz’s piece is a near-Platonic example of the Neutral Story Line–a sweeping, seemingly profound and biting analysis that nevertheless doesn’t offend anyone because it doesn’t seem to be taking sides. But of course it does take sides. It takes the “bipartisan” side–simply assuming that “comprehensive immigration reform” is a good idea.

Kaus warns that the bill may yet return (“the bill isn’t dead, just resting”), but succumbs to the temptation to gloat. Included in his “gloating” on the bill’s setback is this note on the new issue of Time:

“Why Amnesty Makes Sense”-Time cover story, released today.
Hmm. Maybe editor Rick Stengel wishes he hadn’t switched to publishing on Fridays instead of Mondays. Not that the article isn’t as timely and provocative as ever!

Kathryn Lopez adds to Kaus’s caution on the dormancy (rather than death) of the bill here.


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