Doing that wudu at the University of Michigan

The Detroit News reports that the University of Michigan-Dearborn plans to spend $25,000 for foot-washing stations, “making it easier for Muslim students to practice their religion but sparking questions about the separation of church and state.” The article indicates that such foot-washing stations have already been installed at Eastern Michigan University’s student union. For those who are in need of comic relief or slow in coming to understand the unholy alilance between the radical left and radical Islam, the article helpfully notes:

The Detroit chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union isn’t getting involved, arguing the foot baths are secular since non-Muslims could use them, said spokeswoman Rana Elmir.

Debbie Schlussel raised the alarms that gave rise to the Detroit News story in “So long church/state separation: University of Michigan to fund Muslim footbaths.”
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