Podcasting the World War II Memorial

I wrote here about the fact that on Saturday, the Northern Alliance broadcast live from the Minnesota State Capitol, where a memorial to Minnesotans who served in World War II was being dedicated. It turned out to be a wonderful event. The crowd was estimated at over 20,000, including a great many veterans and their families. The atmosphere was festive and there was lots to do, with World War II equipment on display, from tanks to pup tents. We got to talk with a lot of veterans and were pleased that many of them came up to our booth and told us that they listen to our show. In this photo, you can see our booth just in front of the Capitol steps. The main events took place down the hill from where we were sitting, behind the point where the picture was taken; click to enlarge:

The show was lots of fun. There was a slight technical glitch at the beginning due to trouble with a microphone, but after that everything went smoothly. (Remotes are always a challenge.) You can download or just listen to the podcast here. Or, as always, you can subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes by going here.