Nifong Disbarred

Rogue North Carolina prosecutor Michael Nifong has been disbarred for trying to frame three Duke lacrosse players in a rape prosecution. The bar committee that disbarred Nifong specifically found that he pursued the false rape charges in order to win the Democratic Party primary for Durham County District Attorney:

The committee said Nifong manipulated the investigation to boost his chances of winning his first election for Durham County district attorney. In doing so, he committed “a clear case of intentional prosecutorial misconduct” that involved “dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation.”

Well, the Associated Press doesn’t actually mention that it was the Democratic Party’s primary, but it was. I suppose if a Republican prosecutor framed an African-American and tried to railroad him into jail in order to improve his chances in a Republican primary, it would be part of the story.
Nifong probably isn’t finished yet. I’m not sure whether he can be criminally prosecuted for his gross abuse of his public office, but if possible, he should be.


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