Haditha Prosecution Crumbling?

I meant to get to this story over the weekend, but it’s still worth noting if you haven’t already seen it.
Marines accused of murdering Iraqi civilians in cold blood at Haditha were convicted long ago in the press, especially Time magazine, which broke the story, and the New York Times. But, now that the time has come to put on evidence against the accused Marines, the tide may be turning.
A hearing is currently going on at Camp Pendleton to determine whether Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt will be tried for murder in connection with the incident. The proceedings are being followed by local reporters. Democracy Project has the links; briefly, the presiding officer, who will recommend whether Sharratt is tried, Lt. Col. Paul Ware, has been expressing doubts about the prosecution’s case:

Lt. Col. Paul Ware said he was having


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