Deserves got nothing to do with it

Last week, I commented about the confirmation hearing of Hans von Spakovsky for a seat on the Federal Election Commission. Von Spakovsky, who has been serving on the FEC as a recess appointee, faced hostile questioning from Dianne Feinstein and others regarding positions the Justice Department took in voting rights cases during his time at DOJ. Von Spakovsky had little trouble handling the hostile questions. However, since the event was basically a show trial, the quality of his answers will have little bearing on the prospects for his confirmation.
But killing von Spakovsky’s nomination could backfire on the Democrats. The Washington Post reports that the six-person FEC has two other recess appointees, both Democrats and one a crony of Harry Reid. If the Dems don’t confirm von Spakovsky, they may find their two picks blocked as well. Bush would then be free to recess appoint three new commissioners. Two of them would have to be Democrats, but they wouldn’t have to be liberal Democrats, nor would they need to include any pals of Harry Reid.
Let’s see how this one plays out.
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