We’ve Been Pretty Quiet Today…

…but it’s never quiet at the Forum. Any time of the day or night, you can get your fill of politics, today’s news, culture and more.
In the Candidates’ Forum, the Giuliani campaign has posted a memo on the state of the Presidential race by the campaign’s strategy director, Brent Seaborn. Seaborn says he likes Giuliani’s position; among other things, 53% of respondents in a recent poll say Giuliani has the best chance of any Republican to win the general election. Read the memo and let the Mayor know what you think.
Mike Huckabee, meanwhile, is touting a new poll that has him pulling ahead of John McCain in Iowa. Or, as a poster notes, maybe McCain has dropped below Huckabee. Either way, Huckabee has been relatively impressive in the early going.
In the General Discussion forum, posters are buzzing about Michelle Malkin’s challenge to liberals to denounce the escalating campaign against human rights in Iran, Barack Obama’s claim that the Christian right has hijacked Christianity, the liberals’ effort to shut down free speech on the radio, and much more.
At the Power Line Forum, readers are commenting on our posts of recent days. My posts on the Council of Economic Advisers’ report on the economic impact of immigration continue to stir controversy.
In The Global War on Terror, along with much else, posters are following the announced plan of a Danish group to burn the prophet Muhammad in effigy–tonight.
There’s lots more; that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Check it out.


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